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Hardwood floors are legendary for their warm elegance and classic charm. A perfect complement to almost any decor, Dubeau products bring the smooth texture and natural beauty of wood grains to your home. Why not choose a genuine hardwood floor that is affordable, easily maintained and built to last for generations? Hardwood flooring will enhance the comfort of your home and contribute to a healthy environment by minimizing dust allergens.

A Dubeau prefinished hardwood floor is an important long-term investment that adds to the resale value of your home. It is easily installed and can be customized to your specific requirements. This reference guide will help you choose between several wood species and a variety of style options to suit your lifestyle and existing decor. Discover the Dubeau prefinished hardwood floor that is right for you.

All Dubeau floor strips are prefinished with several coats of polyurethane and aluminium oxide varnish, for beauty and durability.

Our finish comes with a 25-year wear-through warranty on our floor strips.

For Dubeau hardwood flooring, relative humidity in the home should be maintained somewhere between 45% and 55% at all times (as required by the Dubeau Floors warranty).

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